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To order a free ticket for Foodexpo 2018 you must first register below. To do this, enter the data and then click on "Order Tickets".

If you previously have logged in to MCH webshop, your email address will be recognized and you will be prompted for a password. If you do not have your password, just click yes for it to be sent by SMS or email.

If you wish to order more tickets, it will be possible in the following steps. Once you have ordered the tickets as you wish, you must "Confirm" - then you will receive an email where your tickets are attached as a pdf document. 

Foodexpo is a trade fair, and therefore private and children do not have access to the fair. If you want to bring your child (1-15 years), you can buy a ticket at the fair for 200 DKK.
Strollers are not allowed at the fair. We offer rental of baby carrieres for a security deposit at the information.

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